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We often get asked this question: “Do you guys do metal roofs…” and the answer is, YES! We have been installing top quality metal roofs for almost a decade. We have many colors and styles to choose from. Metal roofs are a bit more expensive than your typical asphalt shingle style metal roofs, but are worth every penny! Why? Because they are built to last, and withstand the most severe of weather patterns we get here in Idaho. If your budget allows, you might opt to have a nice metal roof installed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Do Metal Roofs Cost?

Metal roofs vary in cost. You can go with a more entry level style roof (that is still very incredible), or a higher end standing seam style metal roof. The difference? The difference is mostly the exposed fasteners. Entry level metal roofs have exposed fasteners, that over time, will require resealing and maintenance. The standing seam (higher end) roofs, all fasters are underneath the metal sheets. And requires no maintenance. 

How Much More Is An Entry Level Metal Roof Than A More Common Asphalt Style Shingle Roof?

Generally, metal roofs are about double the cost of a typical asphalt shingle style roof. So if an asphalt shingle roof was $10,000, expect a entry level metal roof to be about double that, or around $20,000. Standing seam metal roofs are even more.

How Is A Metal Roof Built?

There are two options in most cases. We can completely remove your old asphalt shingles (if that’s what you currently have), and build the metal roofing system directly on top of your plywood roofing decking. Or, we can can frame in a support system directly on top of your existing asphalt roofing, and add a second layer of leak protection with a metal roof right over your old roof. Nobody will be able to tell, and looks perfect. This is also ok to city/county/state/federal building codes. We recommend this method, for an added layer of protection to your home.

Are There Color Options?

There are literally dozens, and dozens of colors to choose from! And we can provide you samples to select your perfect color!

What Is The Warranty On Metal Roofs?

Metal roof warranties are generally always 50-years. This covers any metal defects or manufacturer defects caused. Fading of paint colors can happen after many years, this is covered generally for the first ten years after install. 208 Roofing offers a 10-year labor workmanship warranty after installation of any metal roofing system. 

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